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  About C.O.R.S.E.

Group of ChildrenIt has been said, “No one can prepare you for the responsibilities of parenthood”, and this is especially true for the parents of a child with special needs. The family’s daily efforts, concerns and anxieties are magnified, while unparalleled feelings of pride and joy are realized when that child achieves their full potential. The way to provide these life-changing opportunities for children with special needs is to ensure the community has the necessary tools and resources for these students.

The CORSE Foundation (Community of Resources for Special Education) was established by a group of dedicated parents and educators to raise funds to provide high quality and affordable programming, training and resources that will benefit children with special needs (ages 3-22), their families and educators throughout South Shore Massachusetts.  CORSE has designed an innovative model within a blended framework of integrated and specialized social, educational and recreational programs so children with special needs can reach their full potential.  Our variety of programs are staffed appropriately through customized staffing ratios and special education expertise so ALL children, those with and without special needs, can successfully participate together within their community 

Click here to see a presentation highlighting CORSE activities and accomplishments since its founding in February 2006.

The reality is that our special education population is on the rise. With more children being diagnosed and as we face continued state and local budget constraints, the entire school system is fiscally stressed. Alternative funding for supplemental special education services and programs is critical. Providing these students the chance to reach their full potential is the right thing to do- for the child, the family and the community’s future benefit.

Membership in this organization is open to anyone interested in joining the CORSE community.  We seek to collaborate with Scituate Public Schools, Scituate Recreation and other community providers in the best interest of our students with special needs. Members are welcome to attend any Foundation Board meeting, except those reserved for RFP approvals. There are no annual dues required. To become a member, fill out the membership form. Each member is eligible for the annual nomination process to become a board officer and /or representative on the Foundation Board. Our Board has a representative from each of our schools.  The SPS Director of Special Education, Scituate Recreation and the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) also have liaison roles with the Board.


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To Make a Donation:

Help provide needed support to children with special needs in our community through a contribution to our Foundation.  For more information, please click here.