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  C.O.R.S.E. Request for Proposals


Two ChildrenThe CORSE Foundation's mission is to provide the highest quality educational, social and recreational community experiences so children with special needs can reach their full potential. Through fundraising activities, the Foundation is able to allocate funds for a wide range of enrichment and supplemental resources that will benefit children, parents and educators within our community. The CORSE Foundation will do this by providing monetary funds for supplemental educational and recreational resource requests.

This RFP process will fairly and equitably distribute funds for supplemental programs, serving children with special needs, ages 3 to 22.  Although our primary mission is to serve children with special needs, we strive to fund integrated programs and supportive resources that will benefit ALL children in the community, with sufficient staffing and supports so that children with special needs can successfully access these opportunities alongside their peers. One to two times each year, the Foundation Board will accept requests for proposals from educators and associated committees. Legally, the CORSE Foundation cannot fund basic staffing and services required of the school system by state and federal education laws. However, with alternative funding, expanded and enhanced programming can have a profound effect on those whose educational needs are greatest. Examples of possible proposals include: social, academic and recreational programs as well as parent and faculty resources. RFP applications must meet certain eligibility requirements as outlined in the application form.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to corsefoundation@comcast.net.  Proposal requests deadline for academic year 2017-18 and summer 2018 will be May 1, 2017.


For More Information:

Awarded Proposals To Date

Since 2006, the CORSE Foundation has awarded funds for a wide range of proposals that support all children within the community, especially those with special needs. These proposals include supplemental programming in the areas of academics, social development, community and recreational experiences. Additionally, the Foundation has provided funds for supplemental resources for Scituate Public Schools -- in the areas of professional development, parent resources and training, technology, student support and family services-- which benefit all students attending SPS.  Examples of proposals funded:

Social and Academic Programming

  • Integrated thematic social programs PreK-12
  • Integrated academic programs: Math, Reading/Writing
  • Peer Mentor programs Gr 5-12, including Middle School and High School Integrated Best Buddies
  • SibShops
  • SPS Programming Coordinator
  • SPS Social Skills Coordinator


Staff & Parent Training/Resources

  • PAC website for parent resource information
  • Professional Development for Parents and SPS Staff - bringing speakers in, sending to conferences
  • Social Thinking
  • Executive Functioning

Recreation Programming

  • All-Stars Sports - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Running, Karate
  • All Stars Summer programs:  Youth Camp (Ages 6-10), Summer Extreme Camp (Ages 11-16)
  • Recreation Programming Coordinator
  • Web-based social stories for parents to preview programming
  • Lose the Training Wheels Camp to teach children with special needs, ages 8-18, how to ride a two-wheeler; first two times this camp was ever offered in Massachusetts
  • Maritime Adventures through AccesSport America:  Week-long camp for adaptive windsurfing, Hawaiian outrigger canoeing, sailing and paddle boarding
  • Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Booth Hill Farm
  • Swimming - Healthtrax
  • Tennis with Aceing Autism - Scituate Youth Center


Supplemental Student and Family Services

  • "Let's Go" Community Events: Planned family events - movies, dining out, skating, boating
  • Music Therapy programs for Early Childhood Center, PLC/ILC and middle school classrooms*
  • Early Childhood Center Art Therapy program
  • Early Childhood Center Field Science Curriculum
  • Yoga program for PLC/ILC and Middle School classrooms*
  • Gates Middle School band consultant from South Shore Conservatory
  • Yearly SHS Scholarships

       * PLC/ILC (Primary and Intermediate Learning Centers) are substantially separate

          classrooms for more intensive elementary students

Equipment, Technology and Materials

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems and Technology Work Areas
  • Memory assessment test kit for school psychologists
  • HS greenhouse for vocational/life-skills program
  • Equipment for High School Adaptive PE class
  • Computers to enhance accomodations
  • “Brain Pop” and “Brain Pop Jr.” software to enhance curriculum learning via visuals
  • Children’s books on disabilities for elementary school libraries and the town library
  • Classroom Amplification Systems: District Grades 1 and 2
  • Behavioral Progress Monitoring for High School
  • Dimension M: Educational video games to improve student math performance in algebra
  • Bass in Guitar Class – Middle School Music Program, for students with motor skill needs
  • Lexia licenses: reading assistance technology
  • VoiceThread
  • Adaptive Rock Wall for Sictuate High School
  • Camp Water Slide
  • Karate mat Covers
  • ipads for virtual instrument use


To Make a Donation:

Help provide needed support to children with special needs in our community through a contribution to our Foundation.  For more information, please click here.